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A carefully chosen and well maintained indoor plant display will hugely enhance a working or living environment. The symptoms of "Sick Building Syndrome" have been well documented and supported by many years of research. An interior plant display is known to improve air quality and acoustics, creating a healthier and more productive working environment.


We pride ourselves on building strong relationships between us and our suppliers thus guaranteeing the healthiest and most suitable plants for your space. To ensure that your plant display arrives in perfect condition, we acclimatise your plants on our premises prior to installation.


We also stock a wide range of carefully selected planters available in a variety of materials, colours and finishes.


Our approach


We will arrange to view the planting location and discuss your planting requirements. The choice of suitable varieties of live plants is vital to the long term success of your interior plant display.

Our trained staff will provide, expert advice on plant selection. Also assesing the light and temperature levels, irrigation and environmental requirements of the installation. We will advise on the best plants and containers to complement your interior design.


Plant displays will normally be installed within two weeks of conformation. Each plant will be installed in your choice of container with an integrated irrigation system, the appropriate grade of potting compost to match the chosen plants. The installation of each display is carefully managed and overseen by a senior member of the team.


With our talented and reliable maintenance technicians you can be assured that your plant displays will continue to flourish in the future...

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